For an Estate with 10 Items (or less) our Fee is £1500.00  –   For an Estate with up to 20 Items and Inheritance Tax payable our Fee is £2500.00    For an Estate with over 20 Items and Inheritance Tax payable our Fee will be between £3500.00 and £5000.00.

These fees include the preparation of documents to transfer a house to a Beneficiary – the Land Registry will charge a fee separately.  We can act for you on a Sale but that is charged for separately.

Our Unbundled version where there is no Inheritance Tax to pay costs £600.00.

Our Unbundled version with Inheritance Tax to pay costs £1200.00.

For the Unbundled Version you will provide the information we request of you, we will complete the Grant and Inheritance Tax papers which you sign which we will then lodge with the Probate Registry and obtain for you the Grant.  You pay the Probate Fees and Inheritance Tax (if any). On payment of  Fees the Grant will be released to you to complete the rest of the administration unless you request our further assistance for which additional fees will be payable.

All Fees quoted are exclusive of VAT chargeable at current rate. An Item means any asset or liability in the Estate. None of these fees apply if there is a dispute between Executors, beneficiaries or a claim is made against the Estate. Please telephone with details for a quote.

Other payments:  Probate Application Fee £160.00 – Oath Fee £7 per person – Trustee Act Notices to protect an Executor/ Administrator against unexpected claims from unknown creditors (if required) £275.00