Consumer Affairs


We give advice on a variety of commercial matters;

Licensing (the new Regime) Building Disputes
Business/Company formations Breach of contract
Partnerships Tenancy Agreements
Commercial Property Purchase Possession Orders


The Application procedure to the Local Authority can be confusing, and, if incorrect, can lead to delay in obtaining the Licence for the Premises or the Personal Licence. We can help with these Applications

New Business

When starting up a new venture, think about the consequences of developing the Business (Supplier Agreements, Contract Terms, etc.) and if it should fail – what happens then?

Landlord and Tenant

You may be a landlord or you may be a tenant, either way you may have problems. You may have an empty house which you wish to let out. You need advice on the best form of Tenancy Agreement – one that gives the tenant protection but at the same time preserves Landlord rights. You may want the house back again, empty, in the near future. The No Court Attendance procedure to take back possession is available here.


Builders can let you down.  A builder has access to your most treasured possession – your home. He can make your life miserable. Strong swift action is necessary. Completion of the work as soon as possible followed by compensation is needed in such cases.

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