After an accident for which someone else is to blame, it is important to give instructions as soon as possible to ensure that evidence and witnesses are not lost. Most injury cases are successful and it will cost you nothing to find out from us whether you are able to make a claim.

But please note that unless you are under 18 or special circumstance apply, most injury claims “disappear” after 3 years. Sometimes the period is shorter. So seek that advice early.

The “No Win – No Fee” Scheme or Conditional Fee Agreement, means you can go ahead without having to worry about having to pay your own legal fees. There is no “hidden” administration charge and we can advise on how to protect yourself from having to pay the other side’s legal fees just in case you do not “win”.

Our scheme makes sure that:-

You do not have to pay anything unless you receive compensation. You do not have to pay your Opponents any costs.  You do not have to pay the expenses of investigating the claim.  Terms and Conditions Apply.

Why not go ahead in the secure knowledge that registering a claim will not cost you anything? Telephone, fax or contact us to arrange for a Free initial assessment through our Contact Page.

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